Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dizzy, Grumpy, Sleepy, Sneezy, Bleary, Achey...Oh Wait -- Droids Not Dwarves!

Two days of building will be covered in today's post, PLUS a bonus pic from the Cosplay Symposium here in Austin that the Central Texas Droid Builders members attended. Below see Dizzy and Jamie McShan's awesome R2! This event was actually a couple of weeks ago, but I forgot to post about it I think. :-)

So, a couple of days of building to cover...I'll try to remember everything! I actually started by filing the bolt holes in the body so they'd be a little wider. Forgot to take a picture! Ah well, I'm not done with that yet anyway.

Next I used a template to drill holes for the bolts that will attach my center leg to the body. I may go get shorter bolts as these seem like overkill haha! 

I snipped off the ends of some nylon bolts I'm planning to use to attach all the leg "bits" to the legs. Some parts will be glued on, but some seemed a bit on the heavy side so I wanted the option of reinforcing the join this way.

Test-fitting the placement of the "bits" and deciding how to proceed (that last part is not pictured haha).

Quite a few of the resin pieces needed a bit of trimming:

Inserting the bolts that will attach the legs (via the shoulder hubs) to the body:

And now we're caught up to today! First I painted a couple of pieces that I'd missed. No pics of that!
Then I began screwing bits on. You can also see the little cuts on the bracelets that enabled me to pop them on without removing the ankles. I fixed those cuts but didn't take a pic of that.

Screwing on the horseshoes. 

Test-fitting all the parts that attach to the ankle. I decided not to affix these until I get the feet.

But I went ahead and prepped the heavier parts with a nylon bolt.

I'd never permanently attached the ankles to the legs so I did that now, using screws on the sides. I then Dremeled out a little dimple on the part that will cover each screw. So clever of me! :-)

Gluing those side parts on.

Affixing the cylinders to the center ankle.

 Drilled holes in the battery boxes for the hoses. 

I also did more weathering here and there, whenever I was waiting for glue to set up. 

Yesterday I spent about 3 hours and today about 7 hours (!). The legs are PRETTY MUCH DONE!! I'm pretty excited about that, eh? Wow...Dizzy should be up and running this year as hoped!! 

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