Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Distressed Droid is Distressing

Look at that! LOOK AT IT! The center ankle is now attached to the center foot shell! And the distressing/weathering has commenced! Good thing too, because...

I had to utilized a grrrrrrrreat deal of force to get the 3/8" bolts through the 3/8" holes, and I CRACKED the foot shell! Luckily this is not a structural piece, and the crack isn't that big. Whew. 

Next up was sanding off all that cake frosting Bondo I'd applied yesterday. Look what I found in the utility room: a power sander! Woooo! I didn't even know we had one! Wow did this make the job MUCH easier!

However it was indeed a messy process. And it still took about 3 hours. And my arm still feels jiggly from the vibrations of the sander. But I got it pretty darn smoooooth!

After washing off all the dust, it was time to apply primer. It's about 104 degrees out, so maybe not such a good idea. Many weirdnesses happened at this stage. But I sanded a little more and went on!

After the first coat of paint there were still issues, but I pressed on. With every layer the legs began to look a little better. There are still odd spots here and there. But *sigh* that's what distressing is for!

All told I spent about 4 1/2 hours today. Plus this quick little bloggy!

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