Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The First Transport is Awaaaay!

...my droid's first transport to a Celebration, that is! I actually squee'd when the R2 Express pulled up in front of our house!

Neighbors came out to gawk at it! I think the entire city of Austin was impressed.

Because my droid was boxed, loading it was actually pretty easy: we just lifted it straight up and in!

Thanks Jamie, Damien and Mike for undergoing this grueling trip for our droids!

And, they're off! Safe travels, and see y'all in Orlando!

(I wonder what all those droids in the back will be discussing during that loooong drive! ;-)  )

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Well, droid fans, it's been a while...a LONG while! Over a year, in fact, since an update. Turns out I got distracted by a wee move halfway across the country!

Anyway, I needed a bit of a jump-start to get back to working on my droid, and deciding to bring him to Celebration VI in Orlando was the very thing. I didn't have much time, so I focused on getting all his dome parts siliconed in.

 As you can see, he's depending a fair bit on support from Mr. Duct Tape. I'm a bit worried about the Florida heat and humidity and how they might not play well with my Artoo's glues.

My many moves in the past few have taught me that screws and bolts do like to wriggle loose during transport, so I took the time to add loktite to everything.  Also spilled a bit, adding to his distressed interior baseplate!

I need to seat his dome firmly in the dome ring...but I guess I'll wait until I get to Florida...need to get him packed!


Below is my box of essential droid travel supplies. This will also double as a stand for him; because he is legless he's a bit shorter than completed droids. 

His innards are now packed with all my electronics supplies, as I'm going to try to hook up his lights and stuff on-site at the convention. Fingers crossed...

All snug in his bubble-wrap. Hope he arrives intact! He looks pretty comfy...

He's traveling in a standard wardrobe box. Almost ready to get taped shut!

I had to do a little decorating, of course!

Where's he headed? You can meet my R2, along with 60+ others at CVI, in the droid room of course!