Saturday, July 31, 2010

Checking In

Hi dear readers of my droid blog! I'm still frantically working on my costume for CV, and I needed to spend last week serving on a jury, so droid-work has remained on hold. I may not have time to resume work until after CV -- but I will return! ;-D

Monday, July 5, 2010

Just Couldn't Stay Away...

Yep! Although I was planning to put R2 on hold, in spite of not having finished the routering portion of cutting out the styrene, I just couldn't stop when the routering table was all set, ready to go, over there: mocking me.

So I did a hard push and got all of the rest of the styrene cut out -- and it took me the last four days! Okay, just a few hours each day. Not, actually, 96 hours of hard labor.

I finished with a flourish, as I decided to accidentally brush my first finger against the still-spinning router after the last cut; thank goodness for my fingernails, as having longish ones no doubt saved the tip of my finger! I ended up with a mangled nail, and one small slice...and I felt like I dodged a bullet as I packed up the router table and cleaned up the mess. Now, I'm really going on a brief break: R2's parts are packed up and out of the way, and my sewing stuff is out. See you all again after my costuming project is done!

Here is the stack of finished routered circular cuts, alongside a pic of my "jig" for cleaning up some of the straight cuts I was not happy with. I'm glad I'm done with this part -- and I expect I'll be cleaning up styrene "snow" for the next 3 years!