Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Painting Mop-Up Day

As I mentioned yesterday, I figured I'd hit the dome pieces with another coat or two of yellow (BTW I failed to mention that it's Dupli-Color School Bus Yellow), and as the weather was still pretty nice (except for the occasional pesky breeze) I went ahead with those plans. First, I sanded some of the embedded grit down. Then painted. I also tossed in the bit of styrene that has color on the body which I'd mistakenly painted white yesterday.

Everything went pretty well except for that dang piece of styrene. I held the spray on it too long, and the paint immediately started to crackle. Hubby likes it -- says it will look good once I weather, but I fear I'm taking this weathering thing too far if I'm using it to cover up all my mistakes! We shall see...

Next I removed the outer skins, and the masking on the inner skins.

Here I found mistake #2 of the day. See that "W"? I'd put those on any panels needing white paint. Silly me -- I'd masked over that one! So...I re-masked, and took it out to paint.

Next I hope to do some styrene reinforcing on the inner skins, then, attach the outer skins!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Finally -- A Decent Day for Painting!

Hi all! Yes, it's been a while...around a MONTH! But I've finally made progress again!

It's been either hot as blazes, or rainy and humid, or extremely windy -- and the next step on my droid involved painting. Today I got a weather break; an utterly perfect painting day.

I began giving the skins (still on the body) and all the little frames associated with the skins several coats of Rustoleum Satin White. This went pretty quickly, although part-way through...the WIND PICKED UP AGAIN! Arrrgh! Yes, some tiny bits of I-don't-know-what embedded themselves in the still-wet paint. I gave those bits a good hard look, and then decided they'd look great when I started the weathering process -- Whew!! I didn't take pictures of the white paint going on, as it looked a bit boring. White! On white! Woooo!

Okay, next up was the dome ring, and dome panels (drum roll please) featuring my committment to a yellow droid! I've been looking forward to this for a long, long time...

Another whoopsie that has me grateful I'd decided early on to do a heavily-weathered droid:

They will all dry overnight in my spare room -- here you can see the color a bit better. I may do one more coat tomorrow!

The last of my resin parts from the entirely awesome Keith arrived today -- looks like resin prep will be my next big step!