Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Is it a droid yet?

Nooo, not quite! Still a bit (cough) to go...

I've been sanding, sanding, sanding my dome, trying to get the top to fit flush on the bottom. Not quite there yet, sadly. And I decided against pictures this time, as a pic of sanding is pretty dull! Although some take sanding to the point of shiny. Rimshot. ;-)

When I get a bit further along I'll post a nice pic...maybe I'll have some test painting done then too!


Update! My husband asked what on earth I was doing, and after I explained he said "why don't you just use that big file there on that dome -- nobody's going to see that part anyway!" Well! Less than 20 minutes of big-filing later and I have two dome parts that fit snugly! WTG hubby! :-D